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Date: Mon Dec 14 23:24:50 1998

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>Heading off your comments that this is an unusual situation (which I think
>it is), certain areas have a higher concentration of technical types than
>others, university towns, silicon valley, Boston area, etc. Things are much
>more likely to be found in those areas than areas like, lets say, the
>Michigan Upper Pennisula (sp?.) So what is the difference in availability
>of something between the two areas? How would that affect the price (value)
>of a given item in the two areas?

Actually, it's possessive:

Michigan's Upper Peninsula,

but you're absolutely right! Being the foremost owner of CoCo stuff 'round
here (Eastern Upper Peninsula - Sault Ste. Marie), I can honestly say that
there were a lot of Tandy's in this area, as there's been a RS here for a
long time, and two across the border in Sault, Ontario, Canada.

There were a few Atari's floating around, but I've only every seen 1 ST ( a
Mega ST 4) until I bought mine (from a cousin who lives in Florida) which a
radio station recently parted with, and 4 Amigas... 3 of which are owned by
the mgr. of said radio station, 2 of which he was ready to junk... 'till he
met me! He's supposed to drop off 2 Amiga 1200's "when he finds/fills the

Common classics are hard to come by around here -- the closest thing to
kinda rare I have is (that I know of):

Trackball for an Atari 5200 (serial #786)
Commodore B-128 (local college garage sale)
2 Superbrains (local college garage sale; anybody have boot disks???)
Tandy 600 (sent to me by a good friend in California 'cause it didn't work)

I honestly don't know if these are actually rare... almost everything up
here is rare (to me) and all of this wild, wicked stuff like OSI
Challengers, Ohio Scientific, and who knows what... are all just pipe
dreams to me. :-(

To be honest, I'd give my left nut to stumble across a PDP or some VAX
equipment, but that's still cheaper to have it shipped (a bare minimum of)
300 miles truck freight to my house.

(To be honest, if someone in Detroit is giving/selling some... I *can*
justify a roadtrip to my wife there...

Me: Dear, would you like to take a weekend and visit your Uncle???
Wifey: Sure!!! Let's Go!
Wifey: Dear, why are you hitching up the trailer???
Me: <Wink><Wink><Smirk> Trailer??? What Trailer???

California is a definate no-go... and (IMHO) most of the fun stuff
available is from there or other areas 800+ miles from home.)

Oh well... just my little locale rant... I'll shut up now. ;-)

Thanks for the bandwidth,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

Happy Holidaze!!!
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