Short Q (NOT!) on thinkpad 700 series.

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Date: Sun Feb 8 18:02:03 1998

Hi guys!

I'm envaluating that thinkpad 700C.
Sheesh! TFT display /w 1mb XGA on board and
someone changed the CPU for 486SLC2 50mhz, 16mb, superb keyboard with
trackpoint, working NiMh battery that does quick charge in that deal
as you will see later, but! This would be a problem for linux and
I'm still prepared to live without PCMCIA feature for little longer.

No problem finding inexpensive used 2.5" larger capacity hd with that
stupid MCA interface and expect that to work with that series? The
current hd is 120mb. No fun being haunted by joke hd for few years
that Luddite did.

Via internet searches; seemed very low popularity judging by # of
enteries, true? Why?

History case:

Responded to a local newsgroup ad by a owner and
picked it up for envaluation/repair as allowed by owner's
choice not by my effect. $70 for complete dea, lyet to decide on
it. I have repaired this notebook successfully after owner dropped
it, cracking the case and tore both display mounting points (left
back corner is complete break off, right is partial, only one post
broken butthe display shell, hinge pins and it's associated mounting
hardware are all dandy. Also these display, floppy, HD and circuit
boards (!!) escaped the fate intact and no bad pixel to boot.

Now my thoughts:

Even if the case is good, I would have a notebook that would not meet
all of my needs such as straight 486dx, IDE you got the
idea for next notebook replacement for that old limping
Luddite. Except for P75, still searching for my collection.
Also, I'm not too sure after case is repaired and decides to resell
it to recoup some enough $. Or $70 is terrific deal also find
another notebook closer to my needs is worthy considering?

Gee! I sounded stupid but I'd love to hear from everyone expert on
IBM series here first.


Email or here if other prefers to.

Jason D.

PS: Compaq LTE 386s/20 given Luddite nickname.
Pero, Jason D.
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