Short Q (NOT!) on thinkpad 700 series.

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Date: Mon Feb 9 19:46:11 1998

> Actually, Win95 runs fine, with the exception of PCMCIA support. If you
> don't mind using dos PCMCIA drivers, you're fine. Although I believe that
> the 700c will only run in 16 colours under Windows. We still use a couple
> of those rugged little 720's as portable scanning units with W95/pcmcia
> scsi adapters; you can't beat the warranty or the return service!
> Aaron
Aaron, are you sure it supports PCMCIA? This notebook has none, it's
so old and still in MCA age. :)

Oh, by the way, I will contact you soon when I conclude the deal with
owner of this wrecked notebook. Should be a day or so.

BTW, some top-tier current notebooks if looked carefully have 3 year
warrenty too and can be brought extended warrenties on some of in
current warrentied stuff.

But be careful with Toshibas, they're out to pull your leg especially
on warrenty and faulty s/w especially when making one-shot disk sets
sometimes blew up. If one did their pointed researches first then no

> On Mon, 9 Feb 1998 wrote:
> > thinkpad 700 and 720x are mca thinkpads. had a 3 year warranty and dont share
> > any parts with any other thinkpad. of course, windont95 wont work on them,
> > although linux probably would since it's been coaxed to work on other mca
> > boxes.
That 700C has the win 3.1 installed.

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> > david
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