I got an Apple ProFile hard drive.

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_ptld.uswest.net>
Date: Sun Feb 15 19:39:22 1998

>But, it squeaks. You know, like a water pump on a car before it blows
>(that's the pump bearings, BTW). Does anyone have any check-out/maintenance
>tips for this drive? The hard drive is labeled "Seagate model ST-506".
Sounds like the ProFile card is just an ST-506 hard drive interface. A
ST-506 drive is REALLY old. I'm not an expert on the old hard
drives/interfaces, so I'll let someone else figure all that out, but I can
tell you that it is very old. Does the ProFile need a seperate power
cord(does it have it's own ps), or does it get power from the Apple II?
And if the ProFile is just an ST-506 interface, does that mean I could just
plug one of my old ST-225's or other ST-506 type drives intoa ProFile card?

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