Kaypro 4 modem

From: Alan Richards <alanr_at_morgan.ucs.mun.ca>
Date: Mon Feb 16 23:08:10 1998

I just got my hands on a Kaypro 4 in excellent condition, complete with
software and manuals. However, I cannot seem to get the internal 300 baud
modem working. I have two programs here with it, one is KERMIT for the
Kaypro II CP/M 2.2, and the other is Superterm Version 5. According to the
addendum with the machine, the version of Superterm that I have was
modified for use with the internal modem on the Kaypro 4, however I cannot
seem to get the modem to do anything. Would this modem accept AT commands?
and if not, what commands do I have to send to it in command mode? Any help
would be appreciated.

On a side note, anybody remember the Star Trek basic game? They just don't
make games like that anymore. I'm sitting here with Quake, QuakeII, and a
whole slew of other advanced 3D games on my pentium, but I cannot tear
myself away from playng Star Trek on the Kaypro! (getting my ass kicked,
can't aim the torpedo's worth a damn :)
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