Kaypro 4 modem

From: Jeff Kaneko <Jeff.Kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Tue Feb 17 08:30:13 1998

> On a side note, anybody remember the Star Trek basic game? They just don't
> make games like that anymore. I'm sitting here with Quake, QuakeII, and a
> whole slew of other advanced 3D games on my pentium, but I cannot tear
> myself away from playng Star Trek on the Kaypro! (getting my ass kicked,
> can't aim the torpedo's worth a damn :)

Yeah, I remember Star Trek. I played it on a DEC PDP-11/34, and
later a 11/45(?) under RSTS/E in 1979-80. I used to use a graph
paper template and a straightedge to figger out the torpedo

I estranged the girl I was going with at the time on account of I was
on the verge of winning the damned game, and she wanted to do
something else! (I went on to win, she went to the Rathskellar
without me). Ah, the price of technology.

Fortunately, my current mate is a little more tolerant-- but I had
to get her addicted to Video Poker & Black Jack first!


PS: My first act of computer Malice-- I had this habit of
    intentionally torpedoing starbases, just to provoke insults from
    the program!
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