Atari ST stuff for the price of shipping

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 07:48:15 1998

I have a monitor for the Atari ST if anyone wants it. I would rather not
ship it due to the hassles with UPS. It's located in Orlando, Florida.


At 01:20 AM 2/17/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Someone has recently contacted me who has the following free for the
>price of shipping:
>Atari 520+ ST (upgraded to 1 MB) with original boxes
>2 word processing programs
>dot matrix computer
>The stuff is located in Niceville, FL (about 150 miles west of Tallahassee
>or 100 east of Mobile, Alabama).
>Any one who is interested can contact Jean Richardson
><> to make arrangements or for additional
>As a personal request, could whoever takes the stuff send me a note
>to let me know that the deal has been made. I don't care to know what the
>deal is, but I would like to know that the stuff finds a good and I
>don't need to keep looking.
>The Antique Computer Collection:
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