Weekend Additions

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Date: Mon Feb 23 14:39:27 1998

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> Well, I thought I'd trumpet my trophies from today's hunting since I
> haven't done a trip like this one in a while and it was fun.
> Nothing really amazingly special today, but there were some nice finds.


> Third Stop: Thrift Store #1
> Mattel Aquarius with Mini-expander and two game controllers in excellent
These mini expanders are like mondo-rare. I don't think I've ever
actually seen one.

> Fourth Stop: Thrift Store #2
> Burroughs C-7400 Electronic Adding Machine - I don't know if this should
> be called an adding machine or a computer. It seems to have some sort of
> computing ability. The keypad has this overlay with commands such as
> "GOTO", "IF" and "GOSUB" printed on it. I haven't fired it up yet but it
> has a one line LED (LCD?) display. Looks very neat. I don't normally
> collect adding machines except when one really jumps out at me. Any
> info?

Only if you fire it up, it will probly be a neon gas-discharge


> Fifth Stop: Surplus Store
> Northstar Advantage in excellent condition
> Panasonic Portable Data Terminal - similar to the TI Silent 700 but a
> little more polished
> Televideo PC-605 - this is a more IBM compatible model of the Televideo
> PC. This one apparently has a color CGA monitor instead of the more
> standard monochrome display. It also is supposed to have a PC compatible
> BIOS and can thus run some PC apps. It also has a HD (probably 20MB)
> Corvus Systems Hard Drive unit - I believe this goes with the rest of the
Another rarie. Corvus was the first company to offer networking for
Apple ]['s.

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