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Date: Thu Jan 8 12:10:56 1998

At 03:25 PM 1/7/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Which is preferable: Hock the offer to half of that $40 as agreed
>on to "whip" for being liar? I can't see him bec he's away for his
>doc appt til Friday.
$40 imo is a pretty good price for a PS/2 70 lunchbox (if that's what it
is). Even with 2/60. I've got 8/60 in mine, and it works okay.
Doublespaced, iirc, with Win3.1 loaded. Memory is available, though not
always cheap.

I don't know much about the motherboard specifics though.

>One Mac IIcx - what good about this one?

The IIcx is a 68030 (I think!) but doesn't include the onboard video of the
similar but slightly later IIci. It was introduced in 1989 at $4669 and
discontinued in 1991 at $4699 (according to "The Mac Bathroom Reader".)

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