The IBM PS/2 model 70 again! -E61

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Date: Mon Jan 12 14:20:46 1998

> At 03:25 PM 1/7/98 +0000, you wrote:
> >Which is preferable: Hock the offer to half of that $40 as agreed
> >on to "whip" for being liar? I can't see him bec he's away for his
> >doc appt til Friday.
> $40 imo is a pretty good price for a PS/2 70 lunchbox (if that's what it
> is). Even with 2/60. I've got 8/60 in mine, and it works okay.
> Doublespaced, iirc, with Win3.1 loaded. Memory is available, though not
> always cheap.

Well, this specs is for that desktop model 70-E61 and $40 seems bit
high and I was bit cheated by seller claiming it has 4mb/80mb for $40
and uses older type 1 motherboard (huge) and was asking here for
opinions as I will talk to seller again. Yes, I did open the case to
look. This was delayed by the ice storm that caused our power grid
to kick the bucket and stayed that way for 4 days til today.

Hee hee...this is desktop which is called model 70 and the portable
lunchbox is P70 which uses 386 either 16 or 20mhz (ahem...sleepy
performance and no cache.) The P75 is also lunchbox in same way
BUT, it's real, honest 486DX 33 machine with scsi interface and
plasma display to boot. That is one I would like to have.

Often, could fool the PS/2 machines that uses 72pin simms by changing
those 4 "SMD" resistor jumpers with a proper setting from a table.
But bear in mind, those machines requires parity memory.

Jason D.
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