Upcoming PBS special on bit rot

From: Grant Zozman <gzozman_at_escape.ca>
Date: Mon Jan 12 19:14:54 1998

Found it!

Its called "Into the Future", and will air at 9:00 Central time on PPTV
(Prairie Public TV), Jan 13. I'm not sure if this is a national station
or not, but their primary market area is North/South Dakota and

The show runs 1hr, and is summarized as follows:

"Questioning how the human record, stored digitally, will survive into
the future."

Happy viewing...

Grant Zozman

Peter Prymmer wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw an advert in the latest issue of Scientific American for
> an upcoming special about archiving digital data to appear on
> PBS. It is supposed to show on the 13th (tomorrow) and alas
> I don't have the magazine with me here and I cannot recall what
> the show title is - or even whether it is part of a regular series.
> At any rate I thought folks on this list would be interested so
> go out and check your local listings.
> Peter Prymmer
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