Atari 800/ 800XL DOS commands?

From: Steve J. Quest <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 00:18:50 1998

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Cord Coslor wrote:

> Hello:
> Here's my question. I am trying to figure out how to load certain
> commands on an Atari 800xl. I guess I should say 'files'. I can load
> BASIC files just fine with DOS loaded, I just exit to BASIC and
> RUN"D1:game.bas" -- is there a way to do it directly from DOS 2.5, etc.,
> without going back to BASIC?

        At the basic prompt, you type run"d:basic.gam to load and
execute, or load"d:filename.bas to just load it, then type run.

> And, my primary question.... if I see a machine language file in the DOS
> directory such as ataridemo.obj or, how can I load these. I
> have interpreted from some other sources that I need to reboot without
> the basic cartridge in to run a machine language program, but how
> 'actually' do I do it? I don't see any of the menu options under DOS
> that say "load machine language file: " or anything like that.

        At the dos menu, type "L" and then type the filename, it will load
and execute. Pretty simple, really.

> Please respond back if you have any information, as I am trying to
> catalog all those Atari 800 (and everything) disks.

        I have over 480 cartridge images that will run from ram. :)
Cracked carts they're called. I don't know if the copyright is off them
tho, as the owner (Atari/Warner) is out of business all together now...sq

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