Collectors of Mainframes.

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 21:34:29 1998

> Who among you collects mainframes?

Well, I want to, and missed out on an IBM 7094 just a few months ago. I am
pursuing some Burroughs stuff at this moment, as well. Most everything
else in the 200 pound plus category is a mini (IBM S/1, SGI 2500T,
PDP-8/S, Interdata 14, IBM RS/6000/T3B).

> I couldn't resist asking in light of the
> "what's the heaviest portable" thread, because the CPU of IBM System/3 Model
> 15 I have weighs 1800 lbs.

Any chance you could post some information on the beast (or maybe some
pointers to some pictures)? I know just about nothing about the S/3s,
other than they are just about IBMs first minis.

> Many mainframe collectors aren't on the Internet (and frankly, they tell me,
> they don't miss it). These people are retired and grew up with big iron so
> its natural for them to be drawn to mainframes.

Who else is there (other than Paul Pierce, who occasionally posts stuff
here)? I would love to know what machines are out there!

> I have the Sys/3 and an IBM 360/22 (complete systems including keypunches
> and boxes of unused 80-column cards).

Hmmmm...a S/360 you say...hmmm.

Does the thing work?

I have been looking for a S/360 or S/370 for a while now with no luck. The
only ones I have found were carcasses in an mid-east Illinois junkyard.
Even the really cool control panels (just about the best ever put on
computers) were completely stripped.

William Donzelli
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