Amiga 2000

From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Mon Jul 6 13:47:37 1998

You have to use an Amiga keyboard, mouse and monitor. you can get a
flicker-fixer bmodule that deinterlaces the Amiga DB23 video to let you
use a SVGA monitor and there are adapters fand hacks for PC mice and
keyboards. I have a 3000 and it's one sweet machime for it's time.


Max Eskin wrote:
> I just pulled an Amiga 2000 (I don't think it's >10 yet) from the trash.
> It didn't come with anything else, just the system unit. I looked it up,
> and I pretty much came up with the specifications. COuld someone tell me
> a little more about it? What kind of video can I use with this? All it
> has is a composite RF jack. Also, are the keyboard and mouse
> PC-compatible?
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