Amiga Software.

From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Wed Jul 8 15:13:25 1998

It was thus said that the Great Poesie once stated:
> I ran across a box of 300 disks that were used on a classroom of Amigas
> (for an art school.) there's alot of unlabeled stuff, but also cryptic
> things like "TV/Text" etc. also, 4 disks that are as follows:
> Amiga Workbench v1.2
> Amiga Kickstart v1.1
> Amiga Extras / Amiga BasiC v1.2
> Amiga Kickstart v1.2

  The Kickstart disks are essencially the first stage boot disks and load
the basic OS into memory. Later Amigas had most of this OS stored in ROMs
and the need for Kickstart disks went away. The Workbench disk is, for lack
of a better term, the desktop program (something like the Finder under
MacOS, or Explorer under Windows 9x).

  You would stick in the Kickstart disk, then at the appropriate time, stick
in the Workbench disk of the same version.

  The Extras disk are some simple utilities and programs, which include the
Basic interpreter, which isn't worth the space used to store it. It's the
only piece of software from Microsoft for the Amiga (I believe) and is
fairly buggy and slow.

  The TV/Text sounds like a program used to generate video text, like movie
titles and captions. The Amiga was used quite a bit in the video industry.

  -spc (Hope this helps some)
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