Help ID Emulex quad module(here's more info...)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Jul 15 14:01:09 1998

At 17:06 14-07-98 -0400, Chris Fandt wrote:
>At 12:23 14-07-98 -0800, Tim Shoppa <> wrote:
>>> In the MicroPDP-11/73 that I got in the great haul there's an Emulex quad
>>> board which I want to identify.
>>> An identifying number on it is C3987-C. Two 50-pin headers are on the edge
>>> pointing to the back. No cables attached. Stuff obviously has been swiped
>>> from this system.
>>Two 50-pin-headers strongly points towards this board being a
>>tape interface. (like the TC02/TC03). It could also be a communications
>>multiplexer, like something from the CS series.
>>> Anybody need to have more info to help ID this thing?
>>There ought to be a big silver sticker on one of the 40-pin DIPs
>>that will give the part number and revision level.
>There is a big silver sticker on one of the 40-pin DIPs from which this
>C3987-C came from. This number was listed as a sub-assy number, IIRC. There
>is a longer number at the top of the sticker. I'll post it tomorrow.

This is "tomorrow". More details from that silvery sticker:

"TOP ASSY TC0210201-FSH"
"S/N 93395"
"Sub ASSY C3987 C"

Hmmm, that Top Assy number has TC02 in it Tim. Also, when looking at the
board from the component side up, edge fingers downward, there is a male
26-pin header at top left and a male 20-pin header at top right. In top
center is a 4-position DIP switch (SW1) and a single LED (CR1). Just to
left of center and downward there are SW2 and SW3 which are both
10-position DIP switches. "C3987" is on a small bar coded sticker under the
left-hand 50-pin header.

With that TC02 in the Top Assy number would that mean this is indeed a TC02
tape I/F as you figured?

If so what tape drive model(s) should I be looking for?

>There is a tape drive and 5.25" hard drive in the MicroPDP. The tape looks
>like it takes a TU58-size tape (could it be a TU58?) Also, there's a
>third-party dual width card with light blue ejector handles with "UDC11"
>stamped in white letters on one. Don't know where the ribbon cable goes
>that's connected to it. I'll take the BA11 chassis out and peek inside
>tonight and report what I find on these questions.

Very quick peeking done: The single 50-conductor ribbon cable coming out
of the "UDC11" goes to three mass storage units: the 5.25" floppy, the tape
drive (it's a Syquest) and a full hight 5.25" hard drive made by, [what was
that now? Dang lousy memory...) I think "Vector". Never heard of 'em. Gotta
pull the tape and HD units out of the box and write the model numbers down.
Anyway, the UDC11 is made by Andromeda Systems. UDC probably means in this
case 'Universal Drive (or Device) Controller' since all of the storage
devices hang off of it.

Okay, anybody have any data on this Andromeda UDC11 module?

I used the TU58 reference mostly as an example to give the relative size of
the tape cartridge. It does look like a DC100-size would fit in the Syquest
tape drive like what I use in my HP9825. Anyway, the Syquest name ought to
be recognizable to some people as to the tape type.

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