Near disaster and questions on finds

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 12:31:06 1998

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Uncle Roger wrote:

> So, I guess my question is, how to others store their collection? Keep in
> mind that I'm in San Francisco, and that Earthquakes are an issue. Thanks!

Unfortunately, mine is all stored in big heaps, one unit stacked upon the
next. I have little things like laptops and cables and crap like that in
boxes to make them stackable. Big things like S-100 and PDP boxen are
stacked about 5 or 6 feet high with an unstackable terminal to cap it off.
Little things are crammed into whatever nooks and crannies are left over.
Things like ASR33's are always a problem. I had shelf space at one point
but it is now taken up by the all-in-one systems like the PETs and Lisa
and some terminals. Now all the shelf space is crammed.

Its a nightmare.

I don't recommend this sort of storage arrangement. I don't know where
anything is and couldn't get at it anyway even if I did. But it allows me
to store the massive amounts of computer junk I have until I can find a
suitable space to do it justice.

What I recommend to Roger is to first, add an extra support to your
shelves, and make sure you are anchoring them properly with drywall
anchors (if you are mounting the shelves to drywall). Then, pack your
laptops and such inside boxes with some foam in between. That way, if
there is another episode, or an earthquake hits and the computers fall, at
least they will be moderately protected from damaging each other when they
hit the floor. You also might want to consider getting some netting to
prevent the boxes from falling in the first place (in an earthquake at
least). I imagine this would cost some bucks but maybe Target has a good
net material cheap in the garden section. Try Home Depot for ideas also.

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