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I was in Tokyo recently and saw a store selling the (Sony) cartridges
(about the size of a quarter) for about 1600 yen (around $14 at the
time.) I almost picked one up for the "cute" factor. They were also
selling "audio" player/recorders that used this cartridge - no Pereos
drives, though.

Alas, I don't remember the store, but it was one of the seven-floor
monsters in central Akihabara.


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>Last but not least, a Datasonix Pereos tape drive. It's a little unit not
>much bigger than a microcassette that is supposed to be able to back up a
>GB on a single cartridge. Unfortunately, I got no tapes with it, and the
>only source I've found so far ( is pretty pricey
>considering I don't know if it works. Anyone know of a cheaper source for
>these tapes?
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