Near disaster and questions on finds

From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 19:04:24 1998

in my garage I use "elfa" shelves sold by The Container Store in the
Dallas area. Home Depot and Lowes Home Centers sell a slightly lighter
duty version of the same shleves often used in closets. in my warehouse
I use "gorilla racks" sold by warehouses like Sam's and Costco. It's a
version of the snap together industrial warehouse shelving.


Allison J Parent wrote:
> Upon closer inspection, it looks like the shelf with (some of) the GRiD'
> < is about ready to go as well. These are those metal shelves you get at
> < Target for $8 on sale.
> <
> < So, I guess my question is, how to others store their collection? Keep
> < mind that I'm in San Francisco, and that Earthquakes are an issue. Than
> Steel racks like the cheap industrial versions. Most of the shelves with
> aluminum standards are too light weight. I'd suggest the stronger ones or
> floor standing racks.
> Allison
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