notebook parts sources

From: Poesie <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 20:37:37 1998

PC Service Source, in my reseller experience, seems to always charge
high prices & take forever for parts they say are "in stock". not bad
for some things, and they will try to get things you can't find anywhere
else; but they are rather irritating because several times we were told
the parts were in stock and ended up waiting months for them to become
available. my two cents.


P.S. - If anyone is interested, I'm willing to provide an edited copy of
my windows cardfile of vendors. have about 1000 pages, w/ contacts for
alot of diff manufacturers. email privately if interested. :)

Wayne Cox wrote:

> PC Service Source (sorry to mention the "P" word
> here) Parts for all kinds of systems, printers, and peripherals.
> Including old first-gen laser printers.
> -Wayne Cox
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