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From: Poesie <poesie_at_geocities.com>
Date: Wed Jul 29 20:57:16 1998

I was at a computer junk store the other day and saw a long flat
computer case/box; about 3 inches high, about 18 wide and 10 long. It
was some sort of unix terminal/system/something, because it still had a
label with the network host name etc on it.


it said m88k on it! it might have also said NCR but I'm not sure. what
kind of things are used on the 880x0's? I know NetBSD has an m88k port
but who or what would have originally run on such things, and how old
are they? I have to admit it piqued my curiosity. If possible I'm going
back to grab the thing. One last question- how do the 88k's compare to
the 68k's or a MIPS chip? I remember some discussion about SGI switching
to MIPS instead of using the 88k due to slow development or something to
that effect. (whether that's true or not I have no idea, so don't flame
me :)

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