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From: Matthew Sayler <mpsayler_at_zen.as.utexas.edu>
Date: Thu Jul 30 22:02:59 1998

I remember back in '98 when Poesie wrote:
> I was at a computer junk store the other day and saw a long flat
> computer case/box; about 3 inches high, about 18 wide and 10 long. It
> was some sort of unix terminal/system/something, because it still had a
> label with the network host name etc on it.
> BUT-
> it said m88k on it! it might have also said NCR but I'm not sure.

I know that NCD made some 88k based xterms. When I was at the
Univ. of North Texas there were a few (1992, 1990? era) there
with nice 19" or 20" fixed frequency monitors.

These machines used tftp to boot from a Solaris client. The ones
I saw had 4 or 6MB of memory (I know this, b/c I crashed one
after a runaway process opened ~100 windows ;)

If that's what you have (sound about the right dimensions) it
would make a decent Xterm if you could find a monitor and k/b.

IIRC the NCDterms I'm thinking of had a light grey box with
horizontal indentations along the front and a sort of 1-2-3
boxes pyramid design on the left front.


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