From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Tue May 12 20:15:00 1998

> Hi, I am a teacher here at the local elementary school in Humble, TX. To be
> honest, the computer department here at the school is rather pathetic, two
> Apple //e's and an XT that was donated that I can't get to work. To be
> frank, these kids are going into a world where they are illiterate in the
> basic workings of a computer. I hate to sound desperate, but I have just
> exausted all leads I know to take on the matter. I saw your ad and thought

Justin, I'm going to leave my response public so that everyone will know
the status of this and what's being done about it.

I think I can do you one better. Donating to a school is tax deductible
so I think something can be worked out if I can get something back from
the school saying I donated the equipment. ;)

I have a pile of 386 and 486 computers in my garage, many of which are in
working order and would be fine for running DOS or Windows 3.11 and one
of the BASICS (qbasic etc) for machines running DOS or Windows. I would
be THRILLED to have someone cover the shipping costs to send them
someplace where they'd get used for something worthwhile.

My only concern is that
I don't have any VGA monitors for them and I'm not sure about my time
helping you get some going. I could easily send your 6 or 7, which you
should be able to get at least 2 to 4 working computers from.

They all have VGA cards, RAM and IDE hard disk controllers. Many have
5.25 or 3.5 inch floppy drives. I've also got two giant boxes filled
with keyboards for them.

If some of the folks on the list here would offer to help you out getting
them going and offer to donate some monitors for them, I think we could
come up with something mutually agreeable. =-) You'll need some donated
copies of DOS and/or Windows 3.11 and a bit of assistance getting them
booted up, and some small IDE hard drives. But I think this group could
work together to get this accomplished. I think we would all be happy to
clear some of this stuff, which is perfectly good stuff, out and get it
into the hands of some kids.

> shipping costs to ZIP code 77346. I hope you could find it in your heart to
> lend a lerning tool to a group of children from first grade to 5th. If not,

Well I think my heart would be filled with joy just to be able to see the
concrete in my garage again! =-D All the machines are clean and have
been stored in a semi-heated, dry, attached garage so they're ok. But
I'm trying to get a 1 or 2 color press and I need the space so I can
unload the thing when I find it.

Does that help you out?

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
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