Interesting c64 usage

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed May 13 07:41:52 1998

Uncle Roger wrote:

> Last weekend I was at a garage sale where I spotted a c64 with an
> interesting job. It was connected to a mixing board to provide automation.
> That is, the c64 was used to control the functions of the mixer so as to
> be able to repeast a setup exactly. Pretty neat, and I wouldn't have
> minded getting it (I've been lusting after 8-bus multichannel mixer for
> years) but I couldn't justify the $1300 the guy wanted for it. 8^(

Did you ask if he added one too many zeros? Obviously the guy is heavy into
hallucenogenic drugs...The Commie itself is worth *maybe* $40 and the mixer is
worth maybe another $200 if your lucky. I have seen and done some things with
those obscure little breadboxes though that most people would never think

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