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Date: Wed May 13 07:48:14 1998

Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

> Hotze wrote:
> >
> > I am. In 7th grade. Still think that jr. high school's a COMPLETE waste of
> > time, especially for geeks (or people like me, who like to consider
> > themselves geeks, but probably couldn't make it...), at our school. No
> > UNIX, no programming, not even a 32 bit OS!!! (And that's even counting
> > Windows!!!!) All I really can do is do what I want in Computers... (but
> > with the software that they've got available, the most I can do is type a
> > word doc. instead of write an e-mail... TONS of freedom there...)
> Tim, when I was in the seventh grade, due to getting most of my _real_
> education from the library at my own pace, I wasn't counting windows.
> There weren't enough of them. I simply kept working out new patterns
> for counting the holes in the acoustical ceilings, since the contractors
> had installed them unevenly and that killed _some_ of the time until the
> bell rang.

When I was in 7th grade I was pondering what the newest Terrahawks and
Thunderbirds episode would be and what I was going to do if the Vietnam "conflict"
went on past when I graduated high school in 1974. The only "pooters" we had then
were some networked (if you can call it that) typing equipment and teletype
terminals in the business classes.

High school has it's palce, just as college does. Of course if you look at the
high schools and many colleges now you'd have to wonder why they eeven bother
going to any classes other than home room for attendance check in.
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