Interesting c64 usage

From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Wed May 13 08:50:48 1998

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Russ Blakeman wrote:

> Uncle Roger wrote:
> > minded getting it (I've been lusting after 8-bus multichannel mixer for
> > years) but I couldn't justify the $1300 the guy wanted for it. 8^(
> Did you ask if he added one too many zeros? Obviously the guy is heavy into
> hallucenogenic drugs...The Commie itself is worth *maybe* $40 and the mixer is
> worth maybe another $200 if your lucky. I have seen and done some things with

Hmmm... The last 8-bus automated mixer that I looked at was priced at
$5000, which I thought was a great deal. (Yes, this is recently.) I'm
not sure how you can say that a mixer is only worth $200 with the only
information being that it's 8-bus and automated. (Unless I'm missing
something here?)

BTW, the one I was looking at was an Allan & Heath GS/3 32x8 with an Atari
computer for automation.

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