Interesting c64 usage

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed May 13 10:40:42 1998

Scott Walde wrote:

> Hmmm... The last 8-bus automated mixer that I looked at was priced at
> $5000, which I thought was a great deal. (Yes, this is recently.) I'm
> not sure how you can say that a mixer is only worth $200 with the only
> information being that it's 8-bus and automated. (Unless I'm missing
> something here?)

Well that's true. I've had IEEE 488 test equipment that Tucker resells for $10k get
sold for a more realistic $150 so what it's advertised for commercially doesn't mean
that this is the price it fetches. There were people in the local flea markets
selling various brands from Yamaha to Korg out here for anywhere from $50 to $500
dependant upon features and age. Haven't seen them around lately but all the stuff
they had was clean, operable and actually legal.

> BTW, the one I was looking at was an Allan & Heath GS/3 32x8 with an Atari
> computer for automation.

I imagine the demand on your part versus the supply of what you need makes it
necessary for a price that high. Unless it's a console the size of a desk I
personally think it's way too high. I've seen the same thing though - Commie MIDI
interface that went for $200 15 yrs ago priced at $500 in the music shops, in fair
to beat condition.

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