Displays needed

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_jps.net>
Date: Wed May 13 10:29:57 1998

        This is a long shot, but what the hey...

        I have a 10 or so year-old satellite clock that gets its time signals from
the GOES birds. It works very well indeed, but some of the display elements
are beginning to get dim. It uses seven-segment neon-discharge displays.

        The first group of three is the day of the year. The next three pairs are
hours/mins/secs. The day of year and seconds are the ones that are going
dim. Does anyone know of a source for replacement displays of this type?
(Are these what Burroughs called 'Panaplex?')

        Also, Daniel Seagraves has discovered that his RSTS 10.1 tape is trashed.
Does anyone else happen to have RSTS 10.x on 9-track that they'd be willing
to loan long enough for me to do a bit-copy of it?

        Thanks in advance.

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