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From: Bill/Carolyn Pechter <>
Date: Sat May 23 05:57:48 1998

> Believe me when I tell you (and I can only back this up with gut
> instincts) that it doesn't matter. The world is changing, and if nothing
> than by sheer force of will, Linux will prevail, or in the very least
> crush the MS monopoly. I think it is not far fetched in the least to
> imagine in five years that manufactures like Dell and Compaq and Gateway
> will start selling Linux boxes, as long as the DOJ is reasonably
> successful. But even if they don't, Linux is just gaining too much
> momentum and acceptance (admittedly right now primarily amongst the
> techies, but it will spread to the public at large) and it will slowly
> creep into the mainstream.

And if you like Linux, the real winner will be FreeBSD which does
what Linux does, only better. It has compatibility modes that let you
run Linux, and SCO binaries and actually is easy to set up compared
to many of the Linux varients.

And there's only ONE distribution. And the thing is built as a SYSTEM
to run as a system.

To build the whole thing from source just type make world in /usr/src.
To install over the internet -- just boot the single install floppy
and go.

It isn't VAX/VMS (or RT11) -- but what is.


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