new toy tandy 1000hx

From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 23:39:19 1999

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999 wrote:

>> Tandy 25-1053 1000HX PC.
>that is that small apple //c looking pc clone? has dos2.1 in rom IIRC, and a
>bit nonstandard card slot(s). i think the 1000ex was similar...

The 1000EX had a 5 1/4" FDD and 128k RAM. The HX had a 3.5" FDD and 256K
RAM. They both had Herc mono and Tandy (PCjr) Color (CGA resolution in 16

I'll confirm the 'I think's' I saw in some other messages. There is no
serial port on board... it was a 'plus' option. The ram expansion was
also by a 'plus' option. (I seem to recall the expansion card had 128K of
RAM on it, and you could buy an additional kit to add another 256K for the
maximum 640K. Maybe it was the other way around.)

BTW, I was told, but never confirmed for myself, that the 'plus' expansion
bus was simply an ISA bus with a different connector. There was an ISA to
Plus adaptor available (It let you use plus cards in your PC, not the
other way around which would probably have been more useful, were it not
for the cramped conditions of the expansion bay in the EX and HX.) The
one interesting thing about the plus cards, is how they stack. There is
only one connector in the HX or EX, but each plus card would accept
another plus card on top of it. (They lay horizontally) IIRC, there was
room to stack three cards in the HX.

I remember selling an HX and feeling somewhat guilty about it, but that's
another story for another time.


p.s. I just looked it up, the memory expansion was available in two
configurations. 25-1062 had 128K on board, 25-2062 had 512K on board and
came with software to use the extra 128K (above 640K) as a ramdisk.
25-1079 was eight 256K x 1 DRAMS to expand the 25-1062 to 384K.
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