serial console on VAXstation II/GPX? And backup question.

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Date: Wed Dec 15 07:48:51 1999

> I'm probably overlooking something terribly obvious, but is there
> some way to make a VAXstation II/GPX use the console SLU rather than
> the VCB02 graphics system, short of pulling the VCB02 cards?
> And if I do that, will VMS also use the SLU for the console?

The VCB02 is the primary console in that case and the SLU is not used.

If you pull the cards it will switch over magically.

> I'd like to make an image backup of the RD54 in the machine, since
> I need to wipe it to install NetBSD. Does anyone have any suggestions
> about the best way to go about that? AFAIK the TK50 drive in the machine
> probably works, and I do have some tapes. I could probably fumble my way
> through making some sort of backup, but then I wouldn't know how to restore
> it later.

you need to make a tape of STBACKIT, the build for it is usually on the
disk. Then you do a backup/image of the disk to tape. Standalone backup
is then used to do a restore of the disk later.

If you have access to someone with the VMS CDrom set from last year or
this year you can do an install from that if a tape is cut for you.
and not worry saving the old image.

> Or, if anyone has a spare RD54, then I wouldn't *need* to wipe the
> disk. :-)

Not likely. Seems everyone is looking for them. ;)

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