TTY and current loop questions (was Re: 20mA cabling questions)

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 15:33:18 1999

>> > Do you have the 3 grey books for the ASR33? Volume 1 of the maintenance
>> > manual covers lubrication.
>> If I do, it's long buried. What's the synopsis for the area around the
>It's worth trying to find or borrow those manuals. They'll give you a lot
>more information than I can provide by e-mail

Its funny I offered those manuals to the list months ago, with nothing but
postage only responses. I was just about to do the same again, and thought,
before I do something stupid TWICE, I'll just peek at eBay.

Bulletin 310B just sold for $305

Can't say I didn't give you all a chance once. ;)
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