TTY and current loop questions (was Re: 20mA cabling questions)

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 16:03:12 1999

At 01:33 PM 12/16/99 -0800, Mike Ford wrote:
>Bulletin 310B just sold for $305
>Can't say I didn't give you all a chance once. ;)

Below is the message I posted to the Greenkey (RTTY) mailing
list a week or so ago about the sale of those manuals.

I've got a set on loan from a ham from that list, and I've
been meaning to find the time to scan them, assemble as PDFs,
and burn to a CD-R. Haven't found the time in the last
couple years, though. :-)

- John

>Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 09:24:06 -0600
>From: John Foust <>
>Subject: eBay ASR 33 manuals sold at $305...
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>At 06:18 AM 12/4/99 -0800, George B. Hutchison wrote:
>>I do not know the current value of units such as this. I recently saw
>>where some fool on ebay bid a humongous amount of money for some model
>>33 manuals offered by a prominent GreenKeyer. We may be sitting on
>Searching completed auctions, I see an ASR-33 tabletop in chipped
>condition went for $133, with stand and chipped another went for $120.
>Greenkeyer Tom Kleinschmidt sold that ASR-33 manual set (Bulletin
>310B volume 1 and 2) for an incredible $305.00. I think he offered
>them to me for $30 or so a year or two ago, and I passed. Don loaned
>me his set soon afterwards, and I've been promising to scan them and
>upload them to the net or a CD-R ever since. See, Don, the manuals
>have appreciated in value since I've been holding them for you. :-)
>I can't figure out eBay for the life of me. I sold an obscure,
>four-year-old workstation hardware guide for $170. I, too, was
>ready to give it away at nuisance-shipping prices until someone
>told me it was "rare". Mind you, the Adobe PDF version of this
>manual is available online for free, and SGI gave the paper
>version away to anyone in their developer program. Go figure!
>If any Greenkeyer wants to get top-dollar for their old ASR-33s,
>configure them with an RS-232 interface so they're ready to go for
>someone who wants to connect it to their PC. Collectors really
>go for the "well-oiled and well-loved" description, too. The
>above ASR-33s sold in "as is" condition.
>- John
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