TTY and current loop questions (was Re: 20mA cabling questions)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 15:55:45 1999

Upon the date 01:33 PM 12/16/99 -0800, Mike Ford said something like:
>>> > Do you have the 3 grey books for the ASR33? Volume 1 of the maintenance
>>> > manual covers lubrication.
>>> If I do, it's long buried. What's the synopsis for the area around the
>>It's worth trying to find or borrow those manuals. They'll give you a lot
>>more information than I can provide by e-mail
>Its funny I offered those manuals to the list months ago, with nothing but
>postage only responses. I was just about to do the same again, and thought,
>before I do something stupid TWICE, I'll just peek at eBay.
>Bulletin 310B just sold for $305
>Can't say I didn't give you all a chance once. ;)

Unbelievable. We had a short series of comments about that auction over on
the Greenkeys list a week or so ago. One of the list members (Greenkeys)
put them up for auction. He was surprised I suppose. Needless to say, we
just shook our heads at the fact that these do turn up more often than not
and that person who bid that much has to be some sort of
newbie/clueless/whatever person who didn't wait for the next set of manuals
to turn up on that auction site. Around a tenth of that bid price and less
is in the normal price range for a set. Bid history shows even a second
$300 bid :-/

As I mentioned before, I understand the ASR-33 manual will be eventually
scanned and posted on some Greenkeyer's website. I'll try to mention it
here when it happens for those interested.

Regards, Chris
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