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From: Stephen Dauphin <>
Date: Thu Jan 21 16:11:02 1999

On 21 Jan 1999, Eric Smith wrote:

> > and am just passing it along (although I realize it is OT.)
> This is a reasonably high volume list already. I don't mind the occasional
> off-topic discussion (and I suppose I've been guilty of participating in
> some), but usually they at least start from something that is on-topic. If
> people really care about this junk (which can be easily avoided by simply not
> running IE), they can subscribe to bugtraq. If every time there is a

Yes, that was a comet that didn't even enter our solar system proper.
However if you are going to reference something (bugtraq), which may or
may not have some useful purpose, could you provide specifics? Not
everyone is at the same guru level as you.

Is it run by MS or is it an unconnected party? Is it paper or online? Web
site or list or newsgroup? Cost money or free? Does it cover only
current software or is older material mentioned? Is there an archive of

Otherwise one has to fire up a browser and pop a query into one's
favorite search engine with no guarantee of success.

I believe this is the reason a fair amount of leeway is given to OT
material. At some point,...eventually..., some chunk of useful
information will become apparent in the hundreds of words expended on the
OT subject.

                                            -- Steve
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