ID this vax board, please.

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Date: Sun Jul 18 03:12:49 1999

Hi all,

Remember I tried asking here without graphics but I finally figured
out BOTH where my web is and went through 2 ftp clients (!!) that
would work and handles easily. WSFTP LE is utterly broken and
BulletFTP okay but bad user interface (like Mr. Helpful, ugh!). I
like CuteFTP by GlobalSCAPE.

Back on topic:

Here's the URL: (LET ME KNOW if commcerial ADs pops up on your
favorite browsers! I hate that because I have none there.)

The image is only 38K, blurry sorry because of lousy Canon
scanner (not mine it's at work). I hope anyone could ID it. That
board was pulled from pizzabox type case with only drive is SCSI HD
and from ICMASTER book the video VRAM is 1MB total with D/A chip for
audio. I do have 3 boards of these. Would be fun if I can use it
with spare HD and ram, etc... if anyone knows where to find docs for
this board for info.


Now that I know I can upload stuff, at this moment pretty bare except
for this one and I plan to add my stuff there.

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