Gooey rubber bits

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 09:09:21 1999

At 08:13 PM 3/1/99 +1100, you wrote:
>Marvin wrote with respect to a HP85:
>>print each iteration of the program. The tape drive roller is gooey
>>although it is still round at this point :).
>I've often see rubber items on old printers and stuff go "gooey" like this.
>Does anyone understand why this happens and whether it is reversible?
>Sometimes in 2 different examples of the same machine, one has the problem
>and the other hasn't.


  I don't know what causes the "rubber" to turn gooy but I know it's common
for the drive wheels in ALL of the HP tapes and mag card drives to turn
gooy with age. I took a HP 7912 tape drive apart last week and the "rubber"
had liquified and actually dripped into the other parts of the tape drive
sort of like paint. The HP-85 belts are made of a different material, they
don't turn gooy but just fall apart with age.

  My $.02 worth,

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