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From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Mon Mar 1 15:05:15 1999

Sellam Ismail wrote:
> That's not true. Many times there will be some item sitting in a back
> corner of ebay that nobody but you finds, and you end up getting it
> cheaply. Wouldn't it suck if you found that really cool such & such that
> you've always wanted on ebay, and its one day left and nobody has bid, so
> you place a bid and are all set to win it for $2, then some joker comes
> along who, not really interested in it himself, posts it to classiccmp and
> now 15 people bid it up to $300.
> That's what Doug is talking about. Its a double egded sword really.

And the other side of that sword is that without awareness, stuff gets
thrown away. Someone would have to have their intelligence turned off at the
moment to think that the pricing that some items have received on ebay has
not encouraged other similar stuff to be posted for sale.

> But anyway, the point is an alternate discussion group was created for
> ebay postings. It annoys me to see them posted here.

Take a look at what started this whole thing. If Doug had merely replied
that another list had been created for ebay postings, I would have no
problem with that and the matter would have most likely been dropped. Right
now, I am dealing with rl issues (not on this list) where highly talented
people are not getting involved because of the politics of the situation.
When I start to see similar situations begin to arise on this list more than
once, I *will* respond.

FWIW, the charter of this list would not ban ebay (or any other classic
computer) related issues, and any attempts to discourage that type of
listing (including usenet postings) are off topic.
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