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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Mar 2 00:38:48 1999


  No, don't stop. Keep posting your finds here. Some of us don't have hours
of time to spent searching E-bay.


At 04:49 PM 3/1/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok, I'm sorry here, but I am going to step in, as the person that posted
>the e-bay item. My motivation was VERY simple. I saw, a manual that I had
>just read, was hard to come by. I saw, that no one had bidded on this item,
>and that the price was 1 dollar! Not overpriced like many items, but ONE
>I felt, that there might be someone on this list, that could benefit from
>manual, and MIGHT JUST WANT TO KNOW about this chance to purchase this
>If you feel this is wrong, I am terribly sorry for bothering your e-mail with
>my post. But I am sincerely tired, of trying to pass on information that I
>feel others honestly may want to know about, and frankly getting hell over
>Sorry to those that this doesn't apply too, but I think this needs to be
> Noel
>Doug wrote:
>> On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Marvin wrote:
>> > Hmmm, with all the DEC handbooks being mentioned here, why do you have a
>> > problem with telling people the handbook is available? Somehow, it
>> > seems like harassing people who post ebay auctions (and other items
>> > elsewhere) really doesn't do a bit of good except to provide a bit of
>> > irritation.
>> I thought we'd been through this before. The only thing advertising an
>> auction does is encourage a bidding war and drives the price up. This
>> benefits the seller, and nobody else. Are you suggesting that somebody
>> else might deserve the item more than the people who had already spotted
>> it and/or bid on it?
>> If somebody mentions something here that was offered via Usenet or some
>> other sales outlet, then the advantage would have gone to anybody who had
>> been actively looking for the item and had spotted it earlier.
>> Given that you're a frequent seller on ebay, I can only guess at your
>> motivation for bringing this up again. Surely you're aware that ebay
>> slants the advantage toward the seller (the reserve trap door, the
>> silly proxy system, national advertising, etc.), that prices of classic
>> computing stuff on ebay is spiraling out of control, and that buyers could
>> use a break.
>> -- Doug
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