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From: Doug <doug_at_blinkenlights.com>
Date: Mon Mar 1 23:50:26 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Noel Fields wrote:

> To doug, and the rest of the list. First, to doug. As for my "contribution
> to the last flame war" I made one post stating my opinion. I'm sorry if you
> feel this is not allowable.

I love opinions. But you knew there was a minor flame war over this issue
since you contributed to the last one, yet you felt compelled to have at
it again, and then you decide to go off in a huff because it ignites
another flame war. Go figure.

BTW, the only action of yours I really feel is "not allowable" is your
posting of private email to this list without permission of the author.
I'm not a huge stickler for etiquette, but that's generally considered a
Royal No-No.

I forgive you on all counts :-) The flame war was really between Marvin
and me; you just ignited it (again). This is how Marvin and I express our
warm feelings for one another. Go figure.

ObCC: I hear Jobs and Sculley didn't get along at Apple.

-- Doug
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