update on my netiquette goof

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Mon Mar 1 23:43:52 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Andrew Davie wrote:
> In the meantime, if he really wants to know everyone who you contacted,
> just have Derek do a whois on ClassicCmp and send the list to him. It'll

> be fun to see what he sends out to everyone. Ooh! Maybe he'll try to


  No, no, no!!! Anything sent to this individual for whatever
reason had bloody better well *not* include my e-mail address, nor
should the aforementioned addy be sent >anywhere< without my (at least)
being asked, thank you all very much indeed.

  Harrumph! Snorzle rumple errfle mmrs zzmmm .......

/curmudgeon off/

  I want nothing to do with this, and besides I tried once some time
ago to make a deal with this person, and it was not.... successful.


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