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From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Tue Mar 2 04:19:22 1999

>I'm sorry, but this list should NOT be used by someone who isn't
>satisfied by the price they are getting at Ebay... If you were at
>a real auction and didn't like the price, what would you do, tell
>everyone to hold on while you went outside and solicted more people
>from off the street to bid? Please...!

If the auction isn't bringing the price desired it is common to halt it, or
pass the item. Having just survived a 3800 lot live auction that lasted all
weekend, and wasn't finished 1 am Monday, it is a circus. I just happen to
like the circus.

>Also, if the person is so interested in money that the ONLY alternative
>is that they will dumpster it, I don't want to give them ANY business,
>other than to raid their dumpster...

30 days in the can for the first offense. Computers don't like being
dropped in the dumpster much either.

>Please keep postings about ebay off this pure list... go to where it
>is wanted... otherwise you are no better than any of the spammers
>we fight on a regular basis...

I agree, except for cases where it is really interesting, or with a picture
etc. thats special.
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