Weird cable

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Mar 2 03:56:19 1999

I didn't think about asking this list until the string of messages about
cables, but here is a weird cable I would like to have indentified.

Shrink wrap sleeve says,

M.A.C. 10-28-94

Main connector has two cables out the back, end of each is marked A or B.

Main connector I think is a SCA backplane connector (male sort of wide, but
squished centronics looking thing except higher contact density).

A and B connectors are the size of a DB25, but have sparsely populated 3
rows of pins (HD50 maybe?).

Each cable has this brand type marking too;
C & M Corp (UL) CL2 28 AWG 75 C - - - LL33361 CSA AWM I/II A/B 80 C 300V FT4

Ideas? Anybody need some I have 18 still in the original bags. I am
generally willing to look for any other weird cable too.
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