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From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Mon Mar 1 16:26:02 1999

>I am suggesting that if sellers don't see prices that get their
>attention, some of this stuff would never be posted, and would very
>likely end up recycled. Is that what you are after; to have people not
>even bother to post stuff and recycle or dumpster it instead? What
>affect do you think the VCF might be having on the collecting of
>computers? I'm sure Sam gets leads (since he has posted some/most/all of
>them here) and without the publicity that was generated by VCF, that
>would not have happened.

I'm sorry, but this list should NOT be used by someone who isn't
satisfied by the price they are getting at Ebay... If you were at
a real auction and didn't like the price, what would you do, tell
everyone to hold on while you went outside and solicted more people
from off the street to bid? Please...!

Also, if the person is so interested in money that the ONLY alternative
is that they will dumpster it, I don't want to give them ANY business,
other than to raid their dumpster...

Please keep postings about ebay off this pure list... go to where it
is wanted... otherwise you are no better than any of the spammers
we fight on a regular basis...

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