Anybody know what a HP7911P computer is?

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Tue Mar 2 12:29:04 1999

Upon the date 12:26 PM 3/2/99 -0500, Alex Knight said something like:
>I've seen a HP7911P computer for sale on the 'net, anybody
>know anything about it or that series, like what kind of
>processor it has, etc.? It looks to be fairly big (i.e.
>bigger than a desktop PC, smaller than a mainframe unit).
>Any info welcome!

Hi Alex,

Well, this is only a hard disk drive with a 1/4" tape drive. Capacity is
around 28 Mb.

There is a Z80 used inside as the controller (if the unit is like my 7912P)
but it certainly cannot be used as a 'computer'. Has HPIB/GPIB (aka
IEEE488) interface.

And yes, it's big. About 30" tall, about a foot wide, maybe 30" deep.
Probably around 100 lbs or more, again, if it's like my 7912P.

Hope this helps you.

Regards, Chris
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