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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Mar 2 19:32:35 1999

At 07:08 AM 3/2/99 -0800, Sam wrote:
>On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Mike Ford wrote:
>> I am a bit touchy right now because yesterday I had a very unpleasant phone
>> exchange. Typical story, guy buys a few pallets at auction, and finds in
>> this case some old macs in with the PC stuff he wants. He has, once it is
>> cleaned up and checked out, if it is as he describes maybe $400 retail of
>> goods. He doesn't just decline my very fair offer (about $150 for the
>> curious) in light of the actual untested pile of stuff on a pallet
>> condition, but tells me he will just throw it in a dumpster if he can't get
>> a retail price. Ignore the fact he paid 3 cents a pound or $20 a pallet,
>> and wants me to buy the part he doesn't want.
>This is the worst kind of asshole and I've encountered them a few times.
>I can't understand what goes through the puny mind of someone with this
>sort of attitude.

   I understand them. In fact, I'm working with one of them right now. He
just tossed a whole pallet load of PS-2s and another pallet load of HPs. (I
wasn't there that day or I would have tried to get them but they know that
so I'm sure that's why they were pitched the one day I wasn't there.)
Anyway, his view is that if he takes a lower price then people will start
expecting him to sell cheaper. Therefore he sets a price and he doesn't
care how long it sets, he won't come off that price. Sooner or later he'll
scrap it. We just scrapped a brand new $100,000 circuit board component
placing machine today. It was brand new and was still in the original
(HUGE) crate.

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