Book Review: How to Build a Working Digital Computer

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 15:09:31 1999

John Lawson <> said:
> I take this trenchant opportunity to remind the Assembled
> Faithful that
> is, IMHO a rilly bitch'n place to score Olde Computer Books.
> I have just today gotten my copy of "Digital Techniques for
>Computation and Control, 1958... full of killer pix of cool old
>iron, which will go to swell the many megabytes of scans I'm

 I prefer to use BookFinders because they
search Powell's Books,, Bibliocity,, Antiqbook
AND Advanced Book Exchange with just one search.

 My latest score?
"BRAINIACS: 201 Small Electric Brain Macines, and how to make them,
Including all 33 Geniacs (1955), All 13 Tyniacs (1956), and 155
Brainiacs (1957-1958-1959). Illustrated by Ann B. Baker. Berkeley
Enterprises, Inc., Newtonville, Mass. (1959). FIRST PRINTING."
 When I received the book, I found that 3 of the chapters in
pamphlet form (published before 1959) were also included.

Doug Coward
Press Start Inc.
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