Mac IIci stuff

From: Athanasios Kotsenos <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 06:51:23 1999

>Is there any demand for Mac IIci manuals and system disks? I may be able
>to spread a few around. Also, hypercard manuals. Some still shrinkwrapped.
>We have a pile of complete IIci systems that we don't know what to do
>with, since they've been recently replaced by Quadras and translucent blue
>towers. Any place that could make use of them and _not throw them away_?
>We might donate a couple....
>--Max Eskin (

Again the problem of the ocean divide.
I'd love some IIci's for myself and for work. We got a couple of the blue
towers recently, but still use quite a lot of IIci's for emailing. It would
be great to get more of those out in the students' studios. It would take
some weight of off the computers in here. Anyway, I'm blabbering on. If it
is possible for you to send them to London, please do. Tell me what kind of
an expense it would be.
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