The new Amigas

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 08:28:03 1999

> Hardly anyone outside Amiga Inc knows anything about the
> hardware yet. I expect that more news will trickle out over

Oh. :) I was wondering if you had some sort of inside connection.
Perhaps you're just an interested outsider.

I've also heard that having two companies (Amiga Inc. and Amiga Corp.,
or whatever) has been very counterproductive. Have they sorted that out

> - The Developers Machine.
> - A Internet Box
> - An A500-style machine

I think that's a good move.

Wasn't there a similar developers' machine for the original Amiga? It seems
to me that they're making development more public this time. The need for a
development platform will probably disappear eventually, but it will be
crucial to have some way of making the new system self-sufficient and
pleasant to use. It would be a mistake to allow only big companies to
develop for the new machine.

The set-top box is novel. Correct me if I'm wrong; that hasn't been tried
before (unless you count the CD32), right?

-- Derek
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