Weird OSs

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 20:38:32 1999

Once upon a midnight dreary, Derek Peschel had spoken clearly:
>> >POS (PERQ Operating System or Pascal OS) was the first PERQ OS. It's
>> POS has got to be the single most overused OS name! DEC used it for the
>Oh, come on. There's got to be TONS more OSs with "DOS" in their names.

But... what (I think) you're referring to may not count. Like the ROM-based
DOS for the Tandy CoCo was considered either DECB (Disk Extended Color
Basic) or RS-DOS, depending on who you ask, and when.

Plus, for the Z-80 side of RS, you had TRSDOS, LS-DOS, NewDOS, and prolly
more I've never heard of, but *none* of these examples are what Zane was
originally referring to, for DOS is only a subset of the entire, correct
name. In fact, MS-DOS and PC-DOS wouldn't even count for his argument.

(CompSpeak: RS-DOS != MS-DOS != NewDOS != DOS...)

Likewise, if there was an OS called PPOS, or NewPOS, these wouldn't count

That is, if I read his statements right. Question: How many DOS's were just
"DOS?" No more, no less, just "DOS?"

Just a thought,
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